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Dilraba Dilmurat


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Dilraba Dilmurat is pretty but…


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Dilraba💖 is so 🚵🏻‍♀️🚵🏻‍♀️Skillfull girl....🥰


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Dilraba Dilmurat


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Forever Young Dilraba [MV]


Happy Birthday June 3, 2021 Dilraba Dilmurat, featuring in a montage music video of Forever Young song by UNDRESSD with lyrics (turn on CC). Video clips from model photo shoots, ads. Lyrics: Forever Young covered by UNDRESSD (originally by Alphaville) Let's dance in style Let's dance for a while Heaven can wait We're only watching the skies Hoping for the best But expecting the worst Are you gonna drop the bomb or not? Let us die young Or let us live forever We don't have the power But we never say never Sitting in a sandpit Life is a short trip The music's for the sad man Can you imagine when this race is won? Turn our golden faces into the sun Praising our leaders We're getting in tune The music's played by the, the madman Forever young I want to be forever young Do you really want to live forever? Forever and ever Forever young I want to be forever young Do you really want to live forever? Forever young Some are like water Some are like the heat Some are a melody And some are the beat Sooner or later they all will be gone Why don't they stay young? It's so hard to get old Without a cause I don't want to perish like a fading horse Youth's like diamonds in the sun And diamonds are forever So many adventures given up today So many songs we forgot to play So many dreams swinging out of the blue Oh let it come true Forever young I want to be forever young Do you really want to live forever Forever and ever? Forever young I want to be forever young Do you really want to live forever Forever and ever? Forever young I want to be forever young Do you really want to live forever Forever young

《Is this scene cut?》-《XingDi》 Zhang Yixing - Dilraba Moments♡


some fans saying the bridge scene is cut. this song and pd's post... what do you think the cut scene?

Masih Ingat Dilraba Dilmurat! Tak Disangka Begini Nasibnya Sekarang Setelah Lama Tak Diberitakan


Dilraba Dilmurat salah satu sosok yang pernah sangat ramai diperbincangkan karena parasnya yang mempesona. Lama tak ada kabarnya, tak disangka beginilah kondisi Dilraba Dilmurat mulai dari karir dan asmara terbarunya. #Dilraba #Dilmurat to claim copyright on videos, photos, and footage, please email : remedialscript19🤍hotmail.com Find us on facebook : facebook.com/RemedialScript/ thank you for your support and appreciation, please click subscribe

Dilraba Dilmurat is so beautiful


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Kebucinan yang yang pada Dilraba


【ENG SUB】EP 01 | 💥 Hot Female Bodyguard | ⚡️Starring: Dilraba Dilmurat, Ma Ke


💜 Welcome to suscribe to our channel ☞☛ 🤍 ☚☜ ⏰ Pls Watch full episodes on 👉🤍 💬 Synopsis Guan Xiao Di is a rebellious girl. By chance, she enrolled into a bodyguard training center and befriended an arrogant boy and four talented girls. Through the grueling training program, she transformed into a legendary bodyguard. 【ENG SUB】EP 01 | 💥 Hot Female Bodyguard | Starring: Dilraba Dilmurat, Ma Ke 【Actors】Dilraba Dilmurat, Ma Ke, Wang Yang, Shao Bing, Ai Xiao Qi, Li Mo Zhi ⚡️ Watch More Dramas ⚡️ 【ENG SUB】💥 Hot Female Bodyguard ▶️🤍 【ENG SUB】💜In the Mood for Love ▶️🤍 【ENG SUB】Dating in Romance | Female boss Loving Story ▶️🤍 【ENG SUB】🌺My Super Lord | Time Travel Romance Chinese Drama ▶️🤍 【ENG SUB】You Are Everything to Me ▶️🤍 #EngSub #Hot Female Bodyguard #Broker #Dilraba Dilmurat #迪丽热巴

Prosecution Elite (Jaksa Elit) EP01 | Dilraba, Tong Dawei | WeTV【INDO SUB】


Yuk tonton full episodenya, GRATIS melalui apps WeTV disini 🤍 ! Ikuti kisah An Ni (Dilraba Dilmurat) sebagai seorang jaksa wanita yang berjuang menegakkan keadilan akan kriminalitas yang terjadi dalam dunia maya. Di tengah karirnya, An Ni akan mengetahui betapa gelap dan kejamnya dunia hukum. Pemeran: Dilraba, Tong Dawei 00:00 Tonton Hiburan Asia Terbaik di Aplikasi WeTV! 03:00 Download Aplikasi WeTV & Tonton Full Episodenya! ★CDRAMA Lainnya★ ☞《My Wife》: 🤍 ☞《Here We Meet Again》: 🤍 ☞《The Love You Give Me》: 🤍 ☞《Love of Replica》: 🤍 ☞《Meet With Two Souls》: 🤍 ☞《Provoke》: 🤍 ☞《Nothing But You》: 🤍 ☞《Romance of a Twin Flower》: 🤍 ☞《Royal Rumours》: 🤍 ☞《The Journey of Chongzi》: 🤍 ☞《The Forbidden Flower》: 🤍 ☞《A League of Nobleman》: 🤍 ☞《Choice Husband》: 🤍 ☞《Insect Totem》: 🤍 ☞《Unchained Love》: 🤍 ☞《Time and Him are Just Right》: 🤍 ☞《Accidentally Meow on You》: 🤍 ☞《She and Her Perfect Husband》: 🤍 ☞《Song of the Moon》: 🤍 ☞《Forensic JD》: 🤍 ☞《Women Walk The Line》: 🤍 ★Subscribe Now★ ☞ 腾讯视频: 🤍 ☞ 腾讯视频 - 动漫: 🤍 ☞ 腾讯视频热播综艺: 🤍 ☞ 腾讯视频华语经典剧场: 🤍 ☞ 腾讯视频青春剧场:🤍 ☞ 腾讯视频古装剧场:🤍 ☞ 腾讯视频悬疑剧场:🤍 ☞ 腾讯视频OST精选:🤍 ☞ 腾讯视频 - 精选微剧: 🤍 ☞ 腾讯视频 - 脱口秀大会: 🤍 ☞ 腾讯视频 - 纪录片: 🤍 ☞ 腾讯视频 - 明星剧场: 🤍 ☞ 企鹅大影院:🤍 ☞ 创造营 CHUANG2021: 🤍 ☞ WeTV 台灣: 🤍 ☞ WeTV Thailand: 🤍 ☞ WeTV Indonesia: 🤍 ☞ WeTV Vietnam: 🤍 ☞ WeTV English: 🤍 ☞ WeTV Arabic: 🤍 ☞ WeTV Spanish: 🤍 ☞ WeTV Korea: 🤍 ☞ WeTV Turkish: 🤍 ☞ WeTV Russian: 🤍 ☞ WeTV Portuguese: 🤍 ☞ WeTV Malaysia: 🤍 ☞ WeTV Dunia Drama: 🤍 ☞ WeTV ซีรีย์สุดปัง: 🤍 ☞ WeTV Portuguese Animação:🤍 #WeTV #ChineseDrama #ProsecutionElite #JaksaElit #公诉 #WeTVIndonesia #DRAMACHINA #SUBINDO

Top 10 Chinese Actresses Who Are Hiding Their Pregnancy || Dilraba Dilmurat || Yang Zi || Shen Yue


Top 10 Chinese Actresses Who Are Hiding Their Pregnancy || Dilraba Dilmurat || Yang Zi || Shen Yue #top10 #YangZi #shenyue #DilrabaDilmurat #ChineseActresses #cdrama Dilraba Dilmurat known in Chinese as Dilireba is a Chinese actress, host, dancer, singer and model of Uyghur ethnicity........The same year, she had her first big-screen leading role in the romantic comedy film Mr. Pride vs Miss Prejudice. Her performance earned her the Best New Actress award at the 2016 China Britain Film Festival. Dilraba won the Newcomer award at the Golden Phoenix Awards for her performance in "Namiya". In 2017, Dilraba also joined the fifth season of Keep Running as a cast member, earning increased popularity for her variety stint. Forbes China listed Dilraba under their 30 Under 30 Asia 37th (2017), 16th (2019) & 11th (2020). In 2018, due to her rising popularity, Dilraba was crowned the Golden Eagle Goddess at the 12th China Golden Eagle TV Art Festival. In 2018, after surpassing 40 million followers on Weibo it was announced Dilraba has an independent studio under Jaywalk. In 2020, she won the Best Rising Star award for her role in The Eternal Love of Dream in the 2nd Asia Contents Awards Busan International Film Festival. On November 6, 2021, she won the Outstanding Young Actress in the 2021 Chinese American TV Festival Golden Angel Awards for her role "Li Changge" in "The Long Ballad". The drama won the nomination for "Excellent TV Series" in the 16th Seoul International Television Festival 2021 and Dilraba was nominated as "The Best Actress" for her role. On January 17, 2022, Beijing Daily Film & Television announced that Dilraba won the Popular Actress Award of 2021 for her role in "You Are My Glory." On February 3, 2022, WeTV Thailand announced that she had won the Best WeTV Actress Award for 2021. Shen Yue is a Chinese actress, singer, and model. She graduated from Hunan Normal University in 2018, majoring in Journalism and Communications. In 2017, she was discovered when a photographer posted her photo online after which she was selected for the reality show "Summer Sweetie". Shen Yue made her acting debut in the Chinese television series "Autumn Harvest Uprising". Shen Yue rose to fame with her role in the campus romance series "A Love So Beautiful", catapulting her to fame in China and internationally. In 2018, Shen Yue portrayed the female lead in the television series "Meteor Garden"m winning the 2018 Baidu Entertainment Award for Character of the Year. In 2019, She starred in the television series "Another Me", earning her a nomination for Best Actress in the Golden Bud - The Fourth Network Film And Television Festival. In 2020, Shen Yue starred in the romance comedy-drama "Count Your Lucky Stars" alongside veteran actor and singer Jerry Yan, whose drama duet topped the music charts at Number 1 for 14 consecutive weeks. In 2021, she debuted in her first movie, "The Yin Yang Master".............. Yang Zi also known as Andy Yang, is a Chinese actress and singer. She graduated from the Performance Institute of Beijing Film Academy (BFA) in 2014. In 2016, Yang was chosen by Southern Metropolis Daily as one of the Four Dan Actresses of the post-90s Generation (90后四小花旦). Yang is noted for her roles in Home with Kids (2005), Battle of Changsha (2014), Ode to Joy (2016), Noble Aspirations (2016), Ashes of Love (2018), Go Go Squid! (2019), The Oath of Love (2022) and Immortal Samsara (2022). Yang ranked 73rd on Forbes China Celebrity 100 list in 2017, 24th in 2019, 13th in 2020 and 8th in 2021........... Celedrama shares all kinds of drama & movie reviews, Celebrity lifestyles, celebrity dating, celebrity unknown facts, and the latest news. For more latest updates visit our website 🤍celedrama.com Contact Us: info🤍celedrama.com Our Media Facebook: 🤍 Celedrama Global: 🤍 Celedrama China: 🤍 Celedrama Korea: 🤍 Celedrama: 🤍

Dilireba and Yang Yang Interview for Chuxi You Are My Glory (ENG SUB) 迪丽热巴杨洋你是我的荣耀采访


For more updates, visit us at twitter.com/dilireba_

【ENG SUB】Pretty Li Hui Zhen EP01| Dilraba, Peter Sheng | Love between an ugly girl and her boss


#chinesedrama #drama #中國電視劇 #Dilraba #Dilireba #Shengyilun #petersheng #Prettylihuizhen #漂亮的李慧珍 💌💌Welcome to subscribe our Channel→ 🤍 More EPs click→Pretty Li Hui Zhen Playlist: 🤍 Synopsis: Li Hui Zhen used to be gorgeous, but years of declining family fortune added much pain to her life, and her looks slowly drifted away. Her friend Bai Hao Yu, on the other hand, was once an ordinary looking guy and grew up to be suave, successful, and immensely likable. So when she comes across him years later and witnesses their reversal of fortune, Li Hui Zhen is too embarrassed to even meet him and instead asks her stylish friend and roommate Xia Qiao to assume her identity. However, that amazing plan also has a problem in that Bai Hao Yu is actually Li Hui Zhen’s boss, and she now has to pretend to be someone else while working for him. Slowly, even without knowing her true identity, Bai Hao Yu becomes attracted to Li Hui Zhen. Li Hui Zhen's supervisor Lin Yi Mu also starts to take an interest in his new intern. Can Li Hui Zhen break away from the insecurity that came from once being pretty and open up to the man she truly cares about, or will she forever live in fear because she thinks she once was pretty? Episodes: 46 Duration: 45 min. Director: Mao Wei Ning Director: Zhao Chen Yang Genres: #Comedy #Romance Dilraba Dilmurat as Li Huizhen Peter Sheng as Bai Haoyu Li Xi Rui as Xia Qiao

moment luhan dengan dilraba di#keeprunning


Dilraba will appear on Elle cover in May as a blossom


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How Does Dilraba Dilmurat Live and How Much Does She Earn


We are back with the most beautiful actress, international crush, Dilraba Dilmurat, who is considered as one of the rising stars in the entertainment industry of China. This beauty stunned millions of spectators not only with her looks but also with acting skills in the dramas like eternal love, king’s woman and the flame’s daughter. Well, this northwest beauty was born on June 3rd, 1992 in Uruqmi, Xinjiaing, China. Dilbraba Dilmurat is the name given to her which means “Bewitching Beauty” in Uyghur, a turkic ethnic group. Her ethnicity is not Chinese but Turkic which justifies her western facial features. Dilraba’s interest in arts came from her father who used to be a performer in XinJiang Song and Dance troupe. She learned various musical instruments as a kid like guitar, Piano, Violin and is also an avid dancer from a very young age. When Reba was 9, she got into a dance school and started learning both folk and ballet for almost 6 years and there she got friends with Gulnazar. After that Dilreba got enrolled into the renowned Shanghai Theatre Academy along with Yuan Bingyan. That experience served as the foundation for her acting career. XiaoDi was first starred in the Uyghar television drama Anarhan in 2013. In 2014, she signed into Jay walk Studio owned by famous Chinese actress Yang Mi along with Vengo Gao, Vin Zhang, Huang Meng Ying and more! After that Dilreba has acted in various supporting roles. 2017 is said be the best year in her acting career because during this time she played the most remarkable roles in two historical Chinese dramas for which she has won many awards for her performance. Her fame spread across world with other famous movies like Mr. Pride and Miss Prejudice, fall in love like a star. #dilrabadilmurat#dilraba#dilmurat#youaremyglory#chinadrama#yangyanganddilraba

[Costume] The Long Ballad EP1 | Starring: Dilraba, Leo Wu, Liu Yuning, Zhao Lusi | ENG SUB


▶️ Subscribe now to watch more dramas:🤍 ►#TheLongBallad (ChangGeXing) #长歌行 Full Playlist:🤍 ►Episodes: 49eps×45’ ►Cast: #Dilraba Dilmurat(Dilireba), Leo Wu(Wu lei), Liu Yuning, Zhao Lusi(Rosy Zhao), Alan Fang ►Synopsis : In the 9th year of Wude Period of Tang Dynasty, Li Changge, the daughter of the former crown prince, accidentally escaped from the military coup in the palace. During her escape, Changge encountered the secret service agent of a grassland tribe, Ashina Sun, who was under the pseudonym of Qin Zhun. They got to know each other through a fight and their affection grew stronger. Changge smashed a conspiracy in Youzhou. However, at the same time, her identity was revealed, and she went to Shuozhou to escape capture. She hid herself beside Gongsun Heng, the governor of Shuozhou, to help him resist the invasion of the grassland forces, but she did not expect that the enemy general was Qin Zhun. Changge was shocked and distressed to discover Qin’s real identity. However, the situation in Yuzhou is in great danger. In order to gain time for reinforcements, Li Changge negotiated with Sun. For the sake of the overall situation, she was willing to be a prisoner and taken to the grassland. Then she accidentally learned that the Great Khan had an ulterior motive. Changge decided to temporarily put aside her personal vengeance, and risk her life to save the situation. In order to save Changge, Sun disobeyed the order of the Great Khan, but they were far apart from each other after that. After going through the arduous exile, Changge gradually understood the principle of the invincibility of the benevolent, and finally put aside her personal grievances. After discovering that the former forces of Sui Dynasty were the manipulators behind the scenes, Changge and Sun teamed up to protect the peace of Tang Dynasty and the grassland. They finally came to realize their deep affections towards each other and went to confront the crisis ahead. 🔥More Hit Dramas🔥 Oh! My Sweet Liar! 偷心画师:🤍 My Love, Enlighten Me. 暖暖请多指教:🤍 Perfect Partner 完美关系:🤍 💖Subscribe to other Official Channels💖 Huace OFFICIAL:🤍 Huace GLOBAL FUN:🤍 Huace Stars:🤍 Huace Music:🤍 Huace TV Vietnam:🤍 Huace TV Arabic:🤍 Huace TV Thai:🤍 Huace TV Español:🤍 Huace TV Russian:🤍 Huace TV Indonesia:🤍 Huace TV Turkish:🤍 Huace TV French:🤍 🤗Follow our Social Media for the latest content🤗 Facebook:🤍 Twitter:🤍 Instagram:🤍 #Chinesedrama #HuaceTV

Walking Style | Dilraba Dilmurat


#dilrabadilmurat #walkingstyle #fashion #awards #luoyunxi #couple

Prosecution Elite | TRAILER | Tong Da Wei, Dilraba Dilmurat


“Prosecution Elite” is now available on Viki! ➡ Watch full episodes of Prosecution Elite (公诉): 🤍 #ProsecutionElite #TongDaWei #DilrabaDilmurat About Prosecution Elite (公诉): An Ni (Dilraba Dilmurat) is the top student at a prestigious law school. Her reputation has brought her to the attention of some of the nation’s top legal bodies. Upon entering the Procuratorate, China’s top public prosecution body, she is tasked with joining a new department. The department’s chiefs think that as a “new face,” she will help provide the department with new ideas and a fresh outlook. She finds herself working alongside He Lu Yuan (Tong Da Wei), a police captain. Those who do not know He Lu Yuan well find him to be cold, ruthless, and abrasive. But, in truth, he is devoted to the cause and helps support his co-workers. The duo soon find themselves on the tail of complex, novel, cybercrime offenders. Many of these involve international gangs. The maverick prosecutor and the police captain must pool all their wits and resources in a bid to bring offenders to justice, and soon discover that a mysterious mastermind nicknamed “Old A” may be pulling the strings behind the scenes. Can they reveal the true identity of “Old A” – and shut down the cybercrimals? This drama was based on real-life stories handled by the Chinese Supreme People’s Procuratorate. “Prosecution Elites” is a 2023 Chinese drama series that was directed by Yu Ding. Follow us on: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 About Viki: Watch free Global TV: Korean, Chinese, and Taiwanese dramas –– all subtitled in your language by fans just like you! #VikiTV is the one-stop destination for all your Asian content fix! Viki Global TV 🤍

Dilraba迪丽热巴处女作[MultiSub]EP02 ئانارخان阿娜尔罕 (迪丽热巴Dilraba、阿卜力克木Ablikmuh)


#优优独播剧场 #阿娜尔罕 💎YoYo VIP | 加入VIP 抢先看更多集数! 🔔🤍 ✨ 【FULL】🤍 中文剧名:《 #阿娜尔罕 》 维吾尔语剧名:ئانارخان 主演:迪丽热巴·迪力木拉提 / 阿卜力克木·阿卜来提 剧情简介:该剧讲述了新疆喀什地区,贫农斯地克的女儿阿娜尔罕反抗大地主乌斯满的威逼利诱,在解放军的帮助下与旧恶势力进行斗争最终获得幸福的故事。 ~·~~·~~·~~·~~·~~·~~·~~·~~·~~·~~·~~·~~·~~·~~·~~·~~·~~·~~·~~·~ 💕💕💕优优系列甜宠剧💕💕💕 【人间烟火花小厨】🤍 【大唐小吃货Gourmet in Tang Dynasty】🤍 【坑爹儿子鬼医娘亲QINGLUO】🤍 【亲爱的义祁君My Dear Destiny】🤍 【上游A River Runs Through It】🤍 【你听起来很甜You Are So Sweet】🤍 #迪丽热巴 #Dilraba #迪丽热巴电视剧 #爱情 #剧情 #爱情 #chinesedrama #ئانارخان阿娜尔罕 ~·~~·~~·~~·~~·~~·~~·~~·~~·~~·~~·~~·~~·~~·~~·~~·~~·~~·~~·~~·~ ☛☛☛订阅优优更多精彩频道~ 直接点击观看!加关注哦~! ※优优独播剧场—— 🤍 ※优优青春剧场—— 🤍 ※优优电影频道—— 🤍 ※优优经典剧场—— 🤍 ※优优综艺频道—— 🤍 ※优优音乐天堂—— 🤍 ☛☛☛国际版直通车~ ↓ ↓ ↓ ※优优英语官方频道 🤍 ※优优阿拉伯语官方频道 🤍 ※优优印尼语官方频道 🤍 ※优优泰语官方频道 🤍 ※优优西班牙语官方频道 🤍 ※优优葡萄牙语官方频道 🤍 ※优优日语官方频道 🤍 ※优优俄语官方频道 🤍 ※优优韩语官方频道 🤍 ※优优法语官方频道 🤍 ※优优意大利语官方频道 🤍 ❤❤❤优优粉丝福利专区❤❤❤ ※关注Facebook 🤍 ※关注Twitter 🤍

dilraba dilmurat in the long balled 🎭drama #shortsfeed


dilraba dilmurat in the long balled 🎭drama #shortsfeed #dilrabadilmurat #dilbara #viral

Queen Dilraba ❤ 2023.03.20


【ENG DUBBED】[Love Designer] EP1 (Starring: Dilraba | Johnny Huang) 幸福触手可及


Welcome to subscribe 【China Zone-English】: 🤍 [Love Designer] Full Episodes: 🤍 【ENG Dubbed】[Love Designer] EP1 (Starring: Dilraba | Johnny Huang) 幸福触手可及 【Synopsis】 The story is about a business case between a costume designer, Zhou Fang (Dilraba), and a businessman, Song Lin (Johnny Huang), who is at odds with each other but is forced to work together because of the ties between life and work.The two stubborn, rigid people collided constantly. But in the process of competing with each other, they grow, and at the same time, they find their own inner belonging in each other, and gradually fall in love... #LoveDesigner #Dilraba #JohnnyHuang 【Starring】Dilraba, Johnny Huang, Zhang Xinyu, Hu Bing 🔥ENG DUBBED Drama🔥 The Rebel Princess 🤍 Weaving a Tale of Love 🤍 All Out of Love 🤍 One Boat One World 🤍 Princess Agents 🤍 Diamond lover 🤍 Diamond lover2 🤍 Tribes and Empires:Storm of Prophecy 🤍 💗love&sweet drama💗 Stay with Me 🤍 Mr. Right 🤍 The Disguiser 🤍 My Mr. Mermaid 🤍 Here to Heart 🤍 Whirlwind Girl 🤍 Love Designer 🤍 Crocodile and Plover Bird 🤍 🔥costume drama🔥 For The Holy Guiguzi 🤍 Perfect Couple 🤍 Weaving a Tale of Love 🤍 The Rebel Princess 🤍 Nirvana in Fire 🤍 Journey to the West A SEQUEL 🤍 Journey to the West1986 🤍 The LAUGHING IN THE WIND | The magic swords of ling 🤍 The Qin EMPIRE1 🤍 The Qin EMPIRE2 🤍 The legend of Bruce Lee | Chinese kung fu 🤍 The Advisors Alliance 🤍 🌐Documentary🌐 The Excellent Engels 🤍 YOGA 🤍 A Bite of China 🤍 A Bite of China2 | Chinese food 🤍 Aerial China 🤍 SUMMER PALACE 🤍 Secrets of China 🤍 Justyna‘s Gourmet Journey 🤍 Jiangnan Flavor 🤍 China's Mega Projects 3 CHINA Revealed 🤍 China·瓷 🤍 The Silk Road 🤍 Tea| Documentary 🤍 💗Welcome To Subscribe To Other Official Channels💗 China Zone 剧乐部 🤍 China Zone 流金岁月 🤍 China Zone - English 🤍 China Zone - Español 🤍 China Zone - Tiếng Việt 🤍 China Zone - العربية 🤍 China Zone - Indo 🤍 China Zone - Hindi 🤍 China Zone - Pусский 🤍 China Zone - Français 🤍 China Zone - မြန်မာ 🤍 China Zone - Worldwide 🤍 China Zone - ភាសាខ្មែរ 🤍 China Zone - 少儿 🤍 China Zone - 纪录片 🤍 China Zone - 丝路共同体 🤍

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